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North Segment Right-of-Way Acquisition Complete

All of the Right-of-Way and easements needed for the North Segment (from Winchester Road to Commercial Parkway) have been completed. TDOT is currently reviewing the acquisition records to certify the process.

The completion of this phase marks a major milestone for the project. After TDOT certifies the Right-of-Way, the North Segment will move into the construction bidding process in early 2018. Construction should begin soon after, probably in the early spring.

Right of Way Acquisition Continues

The Right-of-Way acquisition process is still underway on the north segment. The project team is currently performing appraisals (and independent review appraisals to confirm values) and working with each property owner to acquire the permanent Right of Way and temporary easements that are necessary to begin construction.

This is one of the most time-consuming phases of the work, but it is also critically important that it be done right to ensure that all impacted property owners are properly compensated.

In the meantime, work is continuing on the other project segments. The design plans for the Middle Segment (From Craft Road to Winchester Road) are 90% complete, and the plans for the South Segment (From Shelby Drive to Craft Road) are roughly 60% complete.

Public Meeting 7 Date Set

Meeting Date and Location:
Thursday, January 29, 2015
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Middle Baptist Church
Family Life Center
801 Whitehaven Lane, Memphis, TN 38116

The City of Memphis is proposing to rebuild Elvis Presley Blvd. (U.S. Hwy. No. 51) with new curbs, sidewalks, and landscaping from Winchester Road To Commercial Parkway.

This meeting is being held in order to provide an opportunity for the public to review the proposed improvements being studied by the City of Memphis. A brief presentation will be followed by a question and answer period with the City of Memphis officials and their engineering consultant. Before and after the presentation, the project team representatives will be available at displays to answer questions. The public is invited to provide comments during the meeting and will be given the opportunity to submit comments verbally or in writing at the meeting, or within ten (10) days following the meeting.

Persons having a disability that require aids or services to participate at the meeting may contact Darlene Cooper at City Engineerís Office by telephone at (901)576-6700 or email, no less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting.

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